Here at The Music Zoo, we're excited to have hopped on board with Chapman Guitars! A small British company poised for big things, Chapman was founded in 2009 by Rob Chapman. They take the term "great value" to it's utmost peak, crafting high quality instruments for incredible prices. Combining modern marketing and business models, continually funneling money back into their process, and spending more than most to build each guitar, Chapman has carved out an impressive and every growing niche and an impressive artist roster.

Our first Chapman shipment is arriving soon, and you can head to our website to check out our first expected arrivals! We'll also soon be stocking the British Standard Series!

Check out the guitars on our website, or contact us with any questions!

Contact us at (516) 626-9292 //




For some further ear candy, check out Rabea Massaad riff on his signature ML3 BEA - we have one on the way!


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