Gibson Custom is excited to announce a very limited edition replica of Alex Lifeson’s 70’s Gibson Double Neck, crafted in close collaboration with the Artist.  This limited run of 100 EDS-1275’s is a replica of Alex’s famous Farewell to Kings Double Neck.  Based on hands-on analysis and digital scans of the original’s neck and body profiles, each one is a literal copy of the guitar that Alex acquired in the mid-1970’s and one that would go on to become a visual and tonal icon.

“I acquired this [white] one in 1976, along with a cherry one which I later gave to Eric Johnson.  It’s been with me ever since, playing a constant role in the Farewell to Kings tour between 1977 and 1983, then again from 1991-1996, primarily for the song Xanadu.  It was used to record the songs Xanadu, Something for Nothing, and Vapor Trails.  Also on others for accent, but I can’t recall them all!”

Now in very limited numbers, Gibson Custom is proud to offer the original “two-in-one” axe with undeniable stage presence based on Alex Lifeson’s own.

The Alex Lifeson Gibson SG Double Neck is on it’s way to The Music Zoo! We will be getting three of these awesome guitars, one of which will be signed by Alex Lifeson himself! This limited run guitar won’t be here long!

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Alex Lifeson Double Neck (3 of 7)

LifesonDoubleneck Specs

Alex Lifeson Double Neck (4 of 7)

Alex Lifeson Double Neck (6 of 7)

Alex Lifeson Double Neck (1 of 7)

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