New Music Zoo Warehouse

FINAL UPDATE: We’ve Moved!

It’s official, The Music Zoo has moved from our original Queens location to Roslyn, NY in western Long Island.  It’s only about a 15 minute drive from the old store, and man is it worth it.  Loads of parking, lots of space, a great vibe.  We are open for business during our usual business hours.  Please make a note of this:

The Music Zoo

55 Lumber Road, Roslyn, NY 11576

New Phone!  516-626-9292

We will create a new post once we are completely setup and ready for photos to show off all the new features, but in the meantime, here’s Tommy proudly standing in our new warehouse shipping/receiving area.

tommy warehouse

Update 3: Paint And Lights


On the walls of the retail space, we have installed some aluminum as a backdrop to the guitars, and added spotlights.



Here’s the full effect!  This shot was taken from the hall; the full width glass facade really showcases the space inside, and we’re really pleased with the modern, industrial look.



The warehouse space is getting closer as well, the shelves are all here, and the wiring is in for power and data.  This is going to be a huge world of difference from the cramped conditions we had in Queens.  Order fulfillment is going to be a pleasure in this room.


gibson room

Inside our upper level “Gibson Custom Shop Room”, sliding pocket doors provide some sonic privacy for trying out the latest and greatest from Gibson.



Another view from the Gibson Custom Shop room, through the huge window overlooking the main level retail space and the warehouse behind.  It’s kind of spectacular.  We admit it.



Here’s the view from the stairs.  The lights, colors, and height of the store are really working well together.  Can’t wait to see it full of killer guitars!  Thanks to Fender Custom Shop for hooking us up with the super cool gas pump display cases!



Update 2: Shelves And Walls


One of the biggest problems we faced at our original Queens location was where to put our ever-growing inventory.  We had boxes literally everywhere.  So, for Roslyn, we are devoting a much larger space to warehousing all this gear, and these guys are building the multi-level shelving inside the very large stockroom.


And just like that, we’ve got lots and lots of room to organize the hundreds of new and used guitars and basses that we ship out around the world. Notice that the wall towards the end of this room has some color now; on the other side is the showroom.


upstairs view

The stairs are complete, affording us this view of the whole main space.  This will be the upper level of the showroom, and the stockroom is on the other side of the half-wall (the shelves hadn’t been built yet in this shot).


view 2

Here’s another neat view from the upper level.  This room will be the location of our dedicated “Gibson Custom Shop Room”, where we will showcase one of the best selections of Gibson Custom Shop Les Pauls in the entire country.



The lesson rooms are coming together nicely.  Everyone, from the students, to the teachers, to the staff, to each and every customer, will have a much improved experience inside the new Music Zoo.


Update: The Building Has Begun


The workers are busy painting, framing new walls, and building stairs up to the balcony level of the showroom.  From this perspective we can see the store’s front glass doors (main entrance is from an interior hallway) and the balcony above taking shape.

Here’s Tommy standing in the doorway of the wall that will separate the showroom from the huge warehouse area.  The two spaces won’t be completely removed from each other; the short wall is designed to let light flow in from the giant garage door.

lesson rooms

The Music Zoo has a long history of giving great music lessons on site, and the new store will have brand-new lesson rooms.  Here they are being framed up.

paint wall

The warehouse wall gets some paint.

stairs building

This would be a good time for a “No Stairway in the store” joke.


These stairs will get some poured concrete soon.  The split level should be very cool.  From the balcony, you can see what’s going on in the warehouse, where we will be happy to find and bring out any of the guitars that are on our website, but not necessarily on display in the showroom.

The Raw Space As We Found It

fire engine

Here’s the main space as Tommy (The Music Zoo’s owner) found it in the fall of 2010: full of fire truck.  The landlord’s car collection is next door, which explains the impromptu garage space.  Definitely gives a sense of scale to the room.  Most of what you see here will be warehouse space and shipping/receiving to support the large volume of internet sales that we handle.

55 lumber road

Here’s the exterior of the building.  It’s a multi-use space that we will share with a karate studio, an events space, a gym, a yoga studio, and some other interesting businesses.  There is also a lot of office space and a great conference room.  The big garage doors looking into every space are really cool.

parking lot

The aforementioned parking lot, with a view of Hempstead Harbor.  That’s the Roslyn viaduct above, which carries Northern Boulevard across to the other side of the water.  If we ever get nostalgic about Northern Boulevard, we can just go out here and see it again.


This might not seem like a big deal to a lot of folks, but to some New York City guys like us who are used to having sirens, city buses, and traffic jams outside our front door, having swans floating by as we work is a monumental change.  Roslyn is only fifteen minutes away from Little Neck, but the difference in the pace and feel is huge.

new zoo drawing

Here’s our architect’s rendering of the retail environment.  As you can see, it’s going to be split-level, and have warehouse-height ceilings.  As the build progresses, we will add pictures to this post.  We’re looking forward to bringing our local customers one of the best guitar shopping experiences possible.  And, with our new warehouse space, our internet customers will receive better, faster service, and an even bigger selection of gear.  Stay tuned for more!

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