It's Friday, and that could only mean one thing...our Top 10 Used Guitars of the week! This week is jam-packed with head-turning axes, like a super-quilty Kiesel Vader 6, a vintage 1962 Gretsch 6125, and a rare Steinberger GM4T! From custom models to unique finds that you may have never heard of, we’ve always got something new and interesting showing up in our pre-owned guitars section! Scroll down to see our top ten picks from this week! Click the links below the photos to see full specs and info on our site!


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1. Kiesel Vader V6 



2. 1962 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary 



3. 1990 Steinberger GM4T



4. Gibson I 00 Koa Limited Edition



5. Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature



6. Kauer Arcturus 



7. 1989 G&L ASAT 






9. Charvel EVH Art Series Black and White



10. Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster


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