Victory V4 Series

The latest Victory Amplification products to hit the market are a new series of tube-driven pedals - the V4 Series! These pedal preamps pack tones from some of your favorite Victory amp circuits, and they don't just use one dinky under-powered 12AX7, but four tubes!

Victory V4

The V4 pedal preamps are available in 3 permutations, - The Countess, The Sheriff, and the The Kraken. They are each loaded with 3 new old stock Mullard CV4014 pentodes and an EC900 triode for the first gain stage - a unique tube compliment that sounds great and is extremely robust. Victory is so confident in the quality of these tubes that they offer a 2 year warranty on them!


Check out the video below to hear them in action and to learn more! You can pre-order yours today by clicking on the button below!


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