We’ve visited the Fender factory in Corona and can attest to how fascinating it is to watch the guitars being built.  A stunning amount of handwork goes into every aspect of the build, from the wood to the electronics.  Check out this awesome video from Fender to see the high-speed journey that your new Stratocaster takes from start to finish.

From Fender.com:  The new short film A Strat is Born takes you on a high-speed ride through the creation of a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

As the sun rises on Fender’s main U.S. manufacturing facility in Corona, Calif., the journey begins. Watch as wood is selected and fashioned into a sleek Stratocaster body and neck, respectively; both shaped, sanded, routed, finished, fitted and adjusted to perfection. Watch as pickups are wound, the bridge gets saddled up, the trem block is machined, the frets hammered into place and dressed, the pickguard is shaped, the tuners installed and more. See how many of these processes are accomplished by hand with consummate craftsmanship. Watch as the instrument continues on its frenetic way through the factory; through finishing and polishing, final assembly, stringing and setup, testing and inspection and ready to be played.

It’s a fascinating ride, all set to a pulse-pounding soundtrack specially created by the one and only Wayne Kramer. It presents the manufacturing process that you can now experience for yourself at the Fender Visitor Center and Factory Tour in Corona, Calif. Fender opened its doors to the public for the first time ever in 2011, and A Strat is Born distills that remarkable journey and the very essence of longstanding Fender craftsmanship into one thrilling viewing experience.

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