felix the cat vintage jackson artwork

Our blog series we were calling “Vintage Jackson Guitar Artwork” is now being officially retitled “Vintage 1980s Guitar Artwork”.  After getting deeper in the photo archive, we realized that many of these photographs that Jackson had in their custom paint example book in the 1980s were not only Jacksons, but also BC Rich guitars, Rands, Mosers, etc.  We don’t have all the details on all the paint jobs we’ll feature, to be sure.  If you know what it is or where it is, please leave a comment!  On with the post…

Back in the 1950’s Felix the Cat had a “magic bag of tricks” that he could turn into any imaginable object.  Looks like he’s got a BC Rich stuffed in there:

Hey, Felix is flipping us the bird!  What a mischievous little bastard.  The other painted guitars in this installment you can see after the jump include the Warrant BC Rich album cover for Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, a custom body shape with a music notes motif, and the first of many mysteriously stylized women – all with pale skin, dark hair, red lips – this one with a slightly NSFW (Not Safe For Work) element.  Meaning nipple.

jackson guitarjackson guitar jackson guitar

Where do we find these vintage 1980s guitar pictures?  Read the original post.

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