Wampler Paisley Deluxe
The long-awaited and newest member of the Wampler pedal family, the Paisley Drive Deluxe, is now available!

A collaborative effort between Wampler and Brad Paisley has birthed this pedal. It is inspired by one of Brad's favorite but now discontinued Wampler pedals, the Underdog, which was was inspired by the Nobels ODR-S. The Paisley Drive Deluxe boasts 2 independent channels - channel 1 is based on the Underdog, and channel 2 produces the already famed amp-like tones of the Paisley Drive. And of course, you can either stack the channels, blend them however you wish, or run them independently. Other features include a "Fat" switch on channel 1, 18v operation if you so desire, top-mounted jacks, and of course, high grade components.

Check out this demo video from Wampler, or check out the Paisley Drive Deluxe on our website here and pair it up with a Telecaster of your choice!

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