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A new acoustic version of Yamaha's best selling guitar amplifier is coming soon!

Designed with the signer/songwriter in mind, meet the new and exicting Yamaha THR30IIA - a 30 watt authentic tube tone desktop amplifier perfecft for home sessions and the gig life! Experience your acoustic-electric guitar sound and vocals as if they were studio-produced, in stereo, through hi-fi speakers!

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From Yamaha:

The Yamaha ® THR30IIA Wireless amplifier lets you experience the sound of youracoustic-electric guitar as if it was being produced in a studio—and vocals too,using the XLR microphone input. Offering a choice of three authentic-soundingmicrophone models, a setting for nylon-string guitars, and a neutral flat setting, this 30-watt stereo desktop amplifier with hi-fi speakers enables you to sound your best, whether practicing, playing along with your favorite tracks, recording,or sharing your performance online using the USB interface and bundledsoftware. Onboard effects, Bluetooth ® support, a built-in Line 6 wireless receiver, and a rechargeable battery complete this compact package.


The Music Zoo is thrilled to bring you all the specs, pictures, and pre-order info on the new Yamaha THR30IIA Acoustic desktop amp. Looking where to buy the new Yamaha THR30IIA? Click here to order yours now!

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Yamaha THR30IIA Specs

  • 30-watt stereo desktop amplifier with two 3.5" (9cm) speakers
  • 3 Authentic-sounding mic models, plus nylon-string and flat modes
  • Professional-quality microphone preamp with XLR input
  • Bluetooth support for audio playback, editor, and remote control
  • Hi-Fi audio playback with Extended Stereo Technology
  • Internal Line 6 wireless receiver
  • Built-in rechargeable battery enables use anywhere
  • Class-compliant USB connectivity for recording and playback
  • Includes Cubase ® AI for PC/Mac ® and Cubasis ® LE for iPad ®
  • Share your performance online using the free Rec'N'Share app

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