We’re thrilled to announce the latest Artist Replica from Gibson Custom Shop, the Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul. Known primarily for his work in Pearl Jam (let’s not forget Mad Season and Temple of the Dog), Mike McCready reached a new generation of guitarists in the early 90’s and continues to fill arenas while playing his original 1959 Les Paul (said to be originally owned by the guitarist in Van Morrision’s original band “Them”).

As you would expect, the wear is extensive. On the aged and aged/signed, Gibson recreated that wear. On all versions they’ve recreated the guitar’s subtle caramel and yellow colors (categorized as tea ‘burst) and the searing tone that’s been a big part of Mike’s sound for so long. The run is, of course, based on extensive hands-on study of the original and scanning of its neck profile and top carve.

Furthermore, it’s the first to offer two levels of specification: True Historic Specs (50 aged & signed) and Standard Historic Specs on aged unsigned and VOS models.

Availability is LIMITED. Click the button below to pre-order, or call/email us at 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com


McCready 2

McCready 3

McCready Pearl Jam




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