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Editor’s Note: A lot of the folks who work at The Music Zoo are also players.  We are always discussing and bench racing the newest gear, but our own Steve Ternai took things further when he purchased a 2012 Jackson Custom Shop SL2H-V Soloist and then wrote the following review.  This is an unpaid testimonial.  Well, we pay Steve, of course… but not to do this.  Thanks Steve.

Zoo Review: Jackson Custom Shop SL2H-V Soloist by Steve Ternai

One of my greatest victories in my life was when I convinced my Mother to buy me “that one.” That one, back in 1992, was a used Jackson Dinky custom shop guitar, that I am still to this day kicking myself for ever letting it go. The only good thing to come out of this was my love for Jacksons ever since then.  Today I want to write about my new, “that one.” It is a Jackson Custom Shop SL2H-V, in a beautiful Robins Egg blue finish. I was excited as soon as Tommy told us we are getting them, and as soon as they arrived, I had to have one. This time, I promise here in public that I wont be letting it go!

The guitar has a very slick Ebony fretboard, that plays effortlessly up and down the neck with its 24 jumbo frets. The set of Duncans that these come with can give you anything from full on assault, “with the JB in the bridge”, to that creamy, bluesy tone, “with the 59 in the neck”, and everything in between. The original Floyd Rose can take all you can give it, without it dropping out of tune no matter how much you abuse it. For me, the combination of a floating bridge, a set of 9’s for strings, and a tuning to a half step below E, I have that slinky loose feeling that I love on a guitar, and the quality of a guitar only the fine folks at the  Jackson Custom Shop can deliver.

As far as asthetics go, the binding is gorgeous, and really sticks out against the neck and body, and the vintage brass knobs are a great looking addition also. The thing that really striked me the most though, was the EVH low friction pots, that truly, if you have never used them, you should put them on your list of things to try. The pots feel so smooth, I may end up changing out my pots in my other guitars for these same ones.

I usually don’t write reviews, but this is the second time I felt inclined to write about something that truly captures the spirit of the good old days of the 80’s, “hence the V for vintage!” If loud guitars, big hair, and great music is what you came up on, I promise this Jackson SL2H-V will bring those days right back, “out of the cellar” again!

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