5-String At The Music Zoo

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The Music Zoo is ready to come to the rescue with our 5-string selection. For those who need to really drop down low, or just want some more options for walking bass lines, a 5-string bass is a must own! Plus we also stock plenty of string sets and quality pickups to go along with you purchase, should you so desire. Whether you need a J style Bass from Fender or Yamaha, a modern metal-ready example from Jackson, Ibanez, or Strandberg, or a sleek Warwick piece, we have something for everybody.

The 5-string bass has an interesting history - the first actual "bass" instrument that used five strings was Fender's short-scale Bass V, introduced in 1965. It was never very popular, and the 5th string (C) was added above the high G, unlike the modern low B string. It wasn't until the '70s when boutique builders such as Alembic and Tobias introduced the 5-string bass as we know it today.

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