Marshall Amplifier Cabinet Castor & Socket
Replacement castor for Marshall and other brand cabinets. Add 4 to your cart for a complete set.

$ 22.99

Orange Large Amplifier Control Knob
Classic Style Orange Amplifier Volume/Gain control.

$ 11.95

Electro-Harmonix 6CA7 Platinum Matched Pair Power Tubes
An "Americanized" version of the classic EL34 British powerhouse, the 6CA7 power tube bridges the gap between the EL34 and the 6L6 for a rugged tone that gets beautifully crunch...

$ 30.00

Fender Tilt-Back Amplifier Legs (Medium 16")
Genuine Fender amplifier legs, for direct replacement, or for use on other brands and styles of amps. Medium 16", set of 2.

$ 34.95

Fender '65 Twin Reverb Amp Cover (Black)
Just Sold
Fender '65 Twin Reverb Amp Cover (Black)
Keep your Fender '65 Twin Reverb amplifier looking brand new with this genuine Fender amp cover. Also can be used for amplifiers with dimensions: Height: 19.87" Width: 26.5" Depth: 10.5"...

$ 16.49

Orange Amplifier Small Control Knob
EQ control knob (and Volume/Gain for original AD30TC)

$ 7.95

Orange 4x12 Amplifier Cabinet Cover
Keep your Orange 4x12 clean with this tough fabric cover.

$ 59.99

Orange Medium Amplifier Control Knob
Volume/Gain/Reverb Control for Rocker, Rockerverb, Thunderverb and 2008 style AD30HTC models.

$ 9.95

Orange Amplifier Head Cover (Large)
Keep your Orange head clean with this tough fabric cover. For Rockerverb 50, Rockerverb 100, Thunderverb 50, Thunderverb 200, and AD200B Heads. WILL NOT fit AD30 and TH30 heads.

$ 34.99

Marshall 11" Amplifier Logo (White)
This Marshall 11 in. logo in white will help make your amp look like new.

$ 24.95

Orange 2x12 Amplifier Combo Cover
Tough fabric cover fits AD30TC Combo or Rockerverb 50 Combo.

$ 49.99

Orange 2x12 Amplifier Cabinet Cover
Tough fabric cover keeps your Orange 2x12 cabinet clean.

$ 49.99