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Grand Auditorium At The Music Zoo

The Grand Auditorium body shape is far and away the most successful from Taylor and is the shape most closely associated with the brand. The Music Zoo stocks Grand Auditorium from every series! Stop by the Taylor room, in our New York location, to take one for a spin or browse the available guitar on our website!

The Grand Auditorium body shape is a Taylor original design and was introduced in 1994. Designed to be the most versatile guitar possible, the body shape falls between the flat picking power of a dreadnought and the delicate fingerstyle response of a concert size. A great all-purpose instrument, these guitars shine well on stage and in the studio. The slightly narrow waist make this full size guitar very comfortable to sit with and play, the addition of a Venetian cutaway on certain models gives easy access to the upper register!

The Grand Auditorium body shape is available in every series, from the 114ce up to a PS14ce. The rosewood and spruce 814ce is the flagship guitar of the Taylor guitar brand. Several Grand auditorium models are offered with hardwood for the sound board, including mahogany and koa, while some are offered with more uncommon materials like cedar and sinker redwood. A Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar is a great tool for performance, studio use, composition, and accompaniment. It is a great place to start when considering a Taylor guitar and is surely a fine addition for any guitarist!