Orange AD30HTC Electric Guitar Amplifier
The Orange AD30HTC sports two dual-stage channels with completely separate signal paths. Channel One is a thick and creamy classic sound that really screams when pushed. Channel Two has a...

$ 1,659.00

Used Orange Amplifiers Rocker 30 1x12" Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
Simple, compact, and rockin' - this is a used and very affordable Orange Rocker 30 1x12" amplifier, an EL34 powered combo with two channels and a single Celestion speaker to...

$ 899.00

Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII Guitar Amplifier Head
A powerhouse of an amplifier if there ever was one: the Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII. The Rockerverb is a two-channel amp that can go from glassy cleans to the gnarliest...

$ 2,149.00

Orange Amplifiers Rocker 15 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
New for 2017 is the Orange Rocker 15! Finally, an all-tube powered Rocker for all occasions be it the stage, studio, or practice room. The Rocker 15 is 15 watts...

$ 799.00

Orange Crush Bass 50 Bass Combo Amplifier
Drawing from the higher end OB1 and 4 Stroke Orange amplifiers, the Crush Bass 50 packs a hell of a punch into a 50 watt 1x12” combo. This 50 Watt...

$ 299.00

Orange Amplifiers Crush 12 PiX CR12L Electric Guitar Amplifier Combo
This Crush 12 is perfect for anyone looking for great Orange tone at levels that won't annoy the neighbors! A three-band EQ along with master Volume, Gain, and a switchable...

$ 99.00

Orange OB1-300 Combo Bass Amplifier
You couldn’t ask for more versatility in a 1x15” if you tried. The Orange OB1-300 is powered by a 15” Eminence neodymium speaker, with a design inspired by the bass...

$ 1,349.00

Orange Amplifiers 4x12 Speaker Cabinet
Orange speaker enclosures, like Orange amplifiers, are built to last using extremely rugged construction and manufacturing techniques. Every Power Projection Cabinet (PC) is manufactured utilising 13 ply high density 18mm...

$ 1,099.00

Orange Amplifiers PPC108 1x8" Speaker Cabinet
The perfect speaker choice for your Orange Micro Terror head, this PPC108 proves that big tone can be achieved through small packages.

$ 99.00