Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe Overdrive Effects Pedal
Built on the foundation of the original (and awesome) Wampler Plexi-Drive comes the Plexi-Drive Deluxe! Now with an active 3-band EQ section and an additional brightness control to really tweak out your overdrive tone, you can really dial in the Plexi sound you’re after through any amp you’re running.  ...

$ 239.97

Wampler Euphoria Overdrive Effects Pedal
A great choice for an overdrive that will give you natural and we hate to say it, but – transparent – sounding tube breakup, the Wampler Euphoria is a great choice. If you love your clean sound but wish it had just a hair more grit, the Euphoria will do...

$ 199.97

Catalinbread RAH Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
The Catalinbread RAH overdrive pedal seeks to recreate the tone that Jimmy Page captured through Led Zeppelins Royal Albert Hall performance in January of 1970. Page was using some very special and modified Hiwatts into Marshall cabinets to blow peoples minds and ears with, and Catalinbread has captured that sound...

$ 189.99

Wampler Plexi-Drive Pedal
A couple of years ago Brian Wampler wanted a "JTM45"....BAD! At the time his bandmate had a nice "JTM45®" that was 'handed' down to him, and... well... he was jealous! Brian, being the electronics tinkerer that he his set off to design a pedal that would get him those tones...

$ 199.97

Wampler Velvet Fuzz Effects Pedal
If you’re looking to nail some of those classic, FAT, famous fuzz tones you’ve heard on some of your favorite records – the Wampler Velvet Fuzz could be the pedal for you! The pedal has two different clippion options so that you can achieve those classic fuzz big tones that...

$ 199.97

Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Distortion Pedal
With the Dual Fusion, Wampler has teamed up with Tom Quayle, UK’s finest and most in demand exponent of modern fusion, to create a distortion pedal that would be specifically tailored for this highly technical, expressive genre of music.

$ 259.97

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret Foundation Overdrive Pedal
The Dirty Little Secret overdrive pedal from Catalinbread delivers convincing Marshall-like tones that, depending on its "Preamp" control's setting, can deliver gain structures like a vintage Plexi to a JCM 800 and everything inbetween.

$ 169.99

Way Huge Camel Toe Triple Overdrive MKII Effects Pedal
This is the Way Huge Camel Toe, a double-pedal that crams the Red Llama overdrive and Green Rhino overdrive into a single enclosure where you can use them individually or together in series. The Green Rhino section has all the controls of its Mark IV iteration, while the Red Llama...

$ 279.99

Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe Distortion Pedal
The Pinnacle and Pinnacle Deluxe share the same great tone. The difference comes in the form of a couple special features found on the Deluxe version that make it more involved for Wampler to produce, but which add some extra versatility for you. While the standard Pinnacle has a toggle...

$ 229.97

Wampler Hot Wired Version 2 Brent Mason Overdrive / Distortion Pedal
When session guitarist Brent Mason needs to take as little gear as possible to a studio, his signature Wampler Hot Wired Overdrive/Distortion is the go-to pedal for all low-to-high gain tones needed in one box. This is the second incarnation of the Hot Wired Overdrive, with a newly voiced Channel...

$ 259.97

Beetronics Octahive Octave Fuzz Effects Pedal
Based on the 1970s Tycobrahe Octavia, this is the Beetronics OctaHive, a high-gain fuzz pedal with a high octave pitch added in, should you want it in there (the octave is footswitchable). This is the Custom version of the OctaHive, with a special purple striped enclosure. The best way to...

$ 280.00

Beetronics Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz Custom Series Effects Pedal
Looking for some lo-fi 8-bit video game sounds? Some square wave mayhem? Then check out the Beetronics Whoctahell low octave fuzz pedal. This version is a unique Custom Shop series with an aged green and yellow enclosure. It’s a overdrive/fuzz summed up with a gnarly squared wave low octave, resembling...

$ 280.00

Beetronics Octahive Octave Fuzz Standard Series Effects Pedal
Based on the 1970s Tycobrahe Octavia, this is the Beetronics OctaHive, a high-gain fuzz pedal with a high octave pitch added in, should you want it in there (the octave is footswitchable). This is the Standard Series version of the OctaHive, with an aged blue finish. These pedals are hand-aged,...

$ 230.00

Beetronics Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz Standard Series Effects Pedal
Looking for some lo-fi 8-bit video game sounds? Some square wave mayhem? Then check out the Beetronics Whoctahell low octave fuzz pedal. This version is a Standard Shop series with an aged red finish on the enclosure, each pedal is hand aged and unique from any other piece. It’s a...

$ 230.00

Orange Bax Bangeetar Pre-EQ Effects Pedal
Pure Orange overdrive heaven, now in a small but very powerful effects pedal. This is the Orange Bax Bangeetar, dubbed a “Pre-EQ” - but so much more than that. This heavy-duty pedal lets you find and eliminate problem frequencies in certain guitars and amps, shape broad mid ‘scoops’ or boost...

$ 379.00

Hofner Handmade Bass Germanium Fuzz Effects Pedal
Not only designed for basses, this Hofner bass fuzz pedal is specifically tuned to work well with Hofner instruments and their well-defined, smooth low end. This is a creamy, low gain germanium fuzz, using original NOS transistors to ensure the most authentic tones from the 1960s. Each pedal is finished...

$ 299.00

MXR Double-Double Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
The MXR Double-Double gives you two classic overdrive sounds in a single pedal, with a change between the two via a quick flip of the Lo/Hi switch. The Low Gain circuit belts out rich, fiery midrange tones while the High Gain circuit kicks up the gain and emphasizes highs and...

$ 129.99

Keeley Red Dirt Mini Overdrive Effects Pedal
The Keeley Red Dirt Mini takes everything we love about the Red Dirt overdrive and jams even more features into a smaller enclosure, mainly four different modes via DIP switches to make this one of the most versatile drives you could imagine. The four modes of operation are completely new...

$ 99.00

Electro Faustus EF111 Guitardammerung Effects Pedal
This is one messed up pedal...in the best way possible. The catastrophic end of guitar. Go from heavily gated distortion to odd glissando that sounds like a mad Thereminist is playing along with you.  

$ 129.95

Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive Effects Pedal
The new Forza overdrive from Seymour Duncan is a full-range, super adjustable pedal that’s an excellent choice for guitar players looking for more gain without losing the natural sound of their guitar. The Forza has 37dB of gain on tap, with an on-board 3-band EQ for tweaking your tone. The...

$ 179.00

Friedman Amplification BE-OD Overdrive Effects Pedal
We already loved the Friedman Brown Eye 100 watt amplifier, so to say the least – we really love the new Friedman BE-OD overdrive pedal. The BE-OD packs a ton of drive and punch into a pedal, with bass and treble controls, along with a presence and tightness control to...

$ 199.00

MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion Pedal
The first in a line from the MXR Custom Badass design team, the MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion is a factory-modded pedal that roars with huge amp stack tones and old school tube amp-like distortion.They took a classic distortion circuit and hot-rodded it to the next level for over-the-top soaring...

$ 79.99

MXR Custom Shop Il Torino Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
Designed by guest Custom Shop engineer Carlo Sorasio, the Il Torino Overdrive serves up organic drive with controls that let you dial in your exact tone! The gain comes from MOSFET transitors to emulate the characteristics of the best tube amps. A three-band EQ lets you sculpt your tone just...

$ 119.99

Dunlop Fullbore Metal Distortion Effects Pedal
Ultimate riff power is yours with the FullBore Metal Distortion pedal from MXR. This compact but powerful device is all you need to unleash the most devastating contemporary metal guitar tones ever heard. The FullBore pedal turbo-charges your guitar signal with lethal amounts of ultra high gain.

$ 99.99

Dunlop MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe Pedal
A constant innovator in bass effects pedals, MXR introduces the M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe. This is a great pedal for the bassist who needs that extra low-end punch with some serious fuzz distortion, which can be adjusted with the Fuzz knob. Also featuring Wet Dry controls to adjust and fine...

$ 129.99

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Band Of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Electric Guitar Effects Pedal
If you're tired of having the great sound of a Fuzz Face pedal take up half of your pedal board real estate, this new Mini Fuzz Face pedal will solve your problem! AC powered, this Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face features an on/off LED and True Bypass switching for tone...

$ 119.99

MXR M85 Bass Distortion Electric Bass Guitar Effects Pedal
Designed in close collaboration with Fuzzrocious Pedals guru Ryan Ratajski, the MXR Bass Distortion takes a traditional dirt circuit and takes it to the next level! Independent Dry and Wet Volume controls let you dial in just the right amount of clean and grind to cut through any mix. The...

$ 139.99

Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face Signature Pedal
Every guitar player needs that "go-to" tone to set them apart from the pack and Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face is the perfect pedal to send you on your way! The JBF3 is a rich, creamy fuzz distortion featuring meticulously hand-wired circuitry and a sturdy housing with classic cliff jacks.

$ 199.99

Catalinbread Karma Suture Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal
The Karma Suture is more than a fuzz pedal. Built using new-old-stock PNP germanium transistors, and NPN silicon transistors, plus various diodes all thrown together to create something that can do fuzz, overdrive, distortion, and boost to create even-order harmonic distortion such that complex chords ring free and clear and...

$ 169.99

Catalinbread Formula 5F6 Overdrive Effects Pedal
The Catalinbread Formula 5F6 overdrive is designed to emulate the tone and response of the classic 5F6 Fender Bassman amp from the late '50s.

$ 169.99

Dunlop JD-F2 Fuzz Face Pedal
Built to the exact specifications of the original Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face. Ruggedly constructed to the original Germanium PNP transistor design and vintage specs. The classic fuzz box used by Jimi Hendrix and other legendary rockers of the 60's and 70's. Powered by the Dunlop ECB-201 AC jump and/or 9 volt...

$ 129.99

Suhr Rufus Reloaded Fuzz Electric Guitar Effects Pedal
Suhr's Rufus Fuzz is known for providing some of the most dynamic fuzz tones available. Now, Suhr has released the Rufus Reloaded; adding some key features to make this one of the most versatile fuzzes on the market. The two EQ knobs provide unparalleled control over your midrange and bass...

$ 200.00

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