Single Coils At The Music Zoo

When you need some new flavor in your sound and need to load up that Strat or Tele with a new pickup, The Music Zoo's selection of single coil pickups will please any player! Whether you need a low output vintage style Fender Custom Shop set for blues tones dripping with character, a higher output set to handle your modern rock band, Jazzmaster or Tele footprint examples, or a solderless active EMG set, we're the destination with the best mix of the unique and boutique and the everyday must-haves!

Single coil pickups were the first types of guitar pickups created, yet despite countless new technologies, the design still holds weight to this day. A single coil pickup is a relatively simple design that uses one of a variety of magnets wrapped many times in thin copper wire. Using different magnets or a different amount of winds, as well as varying the placement of the pickup in the guitar, vastly different tones can be achieved.

Single coil  pickups generally have a clean and clear sound, with a lot of high end and present yet loose low end. They can be twangy and bright and also very responsive to pick attack. Blues and country players tend to be right at home on a single coil equipped guitar, but they are not limited to these genres in the slightest.

Buy your next single coil pickup or pickup set online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all your favorite pickup brands!