BC Rich guitars have always been unconventional (and awesome!) and sometimes people need a little help to figure out what the controls do, particularly on some of the complicated layouts.  Take the 8 String Bich for example, it can have an enormous array of sounds and options.  Where to begin?   Here are a few handy diagrams to take the mystery out of what all those knobs do on your BC Rich.  We like BC Rich guitars a lot at The Music Zoo, and are stocking some extremely cool Handmade USA guitars as well as plenty of catalog models.

Perfect Bich and Mockingbird ST

Mock ST and Perfect Bich


8 String Bich (click to enlarge)

8 String Bich Bass Controls


2 Volume, 2 Tone

2 volume - 2 tone-1


2 Volume, 1 Tone

2 volume - 1 tone


1 Volume, 1 Tone

1 volume - 1 tone-1



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