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  • Death's Chuck Schuldiner's BC Rich Stealth Up for Auction!

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    Death BC Rich Stealth

    Here at The Music Zoo, we love BC Rich guitars. We also love Death - and this Chuck Schuldiner owned BC Rich Stealth auction is right up our alley! It's currently sitting on Ebay at an appropriate price point of $6,666.66.

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  • Out of the Case: Vintage BC Rich Guitars!

    Posted on by Jordan Usatch

    The Music Zoo has many favorite niches of electric guitars: vintage Juniors and Specials, single-humbucker shredders, modern fanned fret 20-string guitars with laser beams coming out of the edges…but there’s one sect of electric guitar that’s always been different from the rest that really gets us going: vintage BC Rich guitars.

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  • Video – GAS With Gary: B.C. Rich Bich Double-Neck

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    We all know the what it feels like to have a bad case of GAS. No, not the kind you feel after wolfing down 3 plates of Thanksgiving dinner. We’re talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It affects millions of musicians around the world who love their guitars, amps, and other gear. We’re glad we have Gary Blankenburg -one of The Music Zoo’s favorite people on earth!

    This time Gary obsesses...

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  • Out Of The Case: 1982 B.C. Rich Bich

    Posted on by Tim Reynolds


    1982 B.C. Rich Bich by Mike Bieber

    Life’s a bitch…and then you play one, and then life gets infinitely better? For the fledgling young shredder who bought this B.C. Rich Bich six-string guitar new back in 1982 or so, did it lead to platinum records and limousines filled with supermodels? All we know—us wise old sages at The Music Zoo—is that we have a batch of weird and wacky guitars that we love...

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  • The New Vintage: Electric Guitars Through The 70s and 80s

    Posted on by ZooKeeper

    new vintage

    The New Vintage by Tommy Colletti

    According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of vintage is “a period of origin or manufacture” (ie. a vintage 1960s Mercedes) or “length of existence: age.”

    Regarding the collectible guitar market it seems we often refer to eras such as “The Dawn of Rock and Roll” or “The British Invasion”. They spawned the popularity of the Les Paul, Stratocaster and...

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  • Video: Lita Ford And Her History With BC Rich

    Posted on by ZooKeeper

    NAMM 2012  Since the early 1980s Lita Ford has been closely associated with BC Rich guitars. We are big fans of both Lita, her music, and those ubiquitous pointy guitars and were really glad to get the chance to hear first hand from Lita why she’s kept a BC Rich in her hands all these years. Let there be no doubt, she still rocks that BC Rich doubleneck just as hard now as she did in the ’80s....

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