Strandberg V-BDNTalk about a match made in heaven! Boss and Strandberg have teamed up to create the ultimate modern guitar, combining Boss' rich history of analog effects, amp modeling, and guitar synths, with the cutting edge uniquely compelling designs of Strandberg.

The V-BDN is based on Strandberg's most popular Boden model - but under the hood is a pinata of impressive features which offer unmatched versatility! V-Guitar technology gives you quick access to the tone of any pickup you could imagine, from humbuckers to acoustic pickups and everything in between, including bass sounds, and legendary Roland guitar synth sounds.. You can also choose between 5 "virtual" tunings from Eb standard all the way down to drop C, so you can let your create freedoms shine without destroying your neck!

The V-BDN, as you would except is built just as well as any Strandberg - unlike most guitars loaded with similar modeling features, the V-BDN's construction is far from an afterthought.

Check out the killer demo video below!

The V-BDN will be arriving soon! Need to reserve one? Contact our sales team today! And in the meantime, check out all of our Strandberg and Boss products in stock!


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