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  • Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon Acoustic-Electric Review & Demo!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon Acoustic Electric The Music Zoo

    Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon Acoustic/Electric Offers Exceptional Playability at an Affordable Price!

    The 'Slim' refers to the 1.715" neck width at the nut, which is a mere 16th of an inch wider than Godin's standard electric guitar nut width. If you do most of your playing on a guitar with a fairly narrow neck this is the ACS-SA for you. The slim neck of this guitar along with the Ergocut shaping technique and 16" fingerboard radius provide for a very easy transition for steel string guitar players looking to integrate nylon string guitar sounds into their music.

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  • Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster Review & Demo!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster The Music Zoo

    Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster is a True Collector's Piece for Jimmy Page Fans!

    The Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster is inspired by Page's iconic Telecaster which has made Rock and Roll history more than once; first as a White Blonde finished guitar adorned with mirrors, before turning into the handpainted 'Dragon'.

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  • Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-330 Vintage + Montana Hummingbird Jam & Review!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-330 Vintage & Montana Hummingbird Standard The Music Zoo

    Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-330 Vintage

    The ES-330 is a Music Zoo favorite for hanging around on a comfortable couch and jamming out, the semi-hollowbody perfect for resonant tones that are acoustically loud enough to just hang out sans-amp...then again, plugging in gets you the awesome tone of the MHS P-90 pickups. Add in the chunky profile of this '59 reissues neck, and you will easily fall in love with this guitar.

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  • Strandberg Boden Metal 6-String Review & Demo

    Posted on by Nick Phaneuf

    strandberg boden metal 6 the music zoo demo and review

    A Headless Metal Guitar

    This is the Strandberg Boden Metal model, this one in a 6-string incarnation with a cool and dark black pearl finish. The Metal guitar is built for modern Rock and Metal tones that can handle a ton of gain thanks to the Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers. Woods used on the guitar are a plain maple cap on a chambered mahogany body, along with a roasted maple neck topped with an ebony fretboard. Luminlay side dots help you keep track of your playing on even the darkest of stage lights.

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  • Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Special Doublecut Reissue Review & Demo

    Posted on by Nick Phaneuf

    Gibson custom shop doublecut 1960 les paul the music zoo review and demo

    1960 Reissue of the Les Paul Special Doublecut

    Les Paul Specials hold a special place in our hearts at the Zoo. Slab mahogany bodies, slim neck profiles, and two rockin' P-90s paired with a wraparound tailpiece...ingredients for a pretty awesome electric guitar if you ask us! Here we have a '60 Reissue made by the Gibson Custom Shop in a TV Yellow finish, light enough to see the grain in the mahogany be seen.

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  • Fuzzrocious Heliotropic + Octave Jawn Demo Video & Review - A Music Zoo Exclusive Limited Run

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    Fuzzrocious Heliotropic Octave Jawn The Music Zoo Review and Demo

    Limited edition Fuzzrocious pedal combines syrupy fuzz and funky octave effects into one limited edition box!

    This is the Fuzzrocious Heliotropic + Octave Jawn double-pedal, a Music Zoo-Exclusive limited run that features two of our favorite Fuzzrocious effects in one screenprinted enclosure! The Heliotropic is a fuzz circuit that's inspired by classic Failure songs such as its namesake "Heliotropic" or "Another Space Song" (if you're unfamiliar, stop what you're doing and go listen to Failure!), and the Octave Jawn is a digital octave +1 or -1 that can be dialed in and mixed with your dry signal. The two effects together can be bright and jangly, or insanely heavy, especially when used on bass or baritone guitar!

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