Caparison has announced their all-new FX-AM Series, Caparison Guitars is proud to announce the release of the new 2019 FX-AM Series, comprised of three models; the Horus FX-AM, Dellinger II FX-AM and Dellinger 7 FX-AM. All available in Dark Blue Matte, Dark Black Matte or Dark Green Matte Finishes.

With their unusual Light Ash and Maple composite bodies, the FX-AM series, when played clean, give you a deliciously sweet and sublime tone that chimes with a bright shimmering high note and a focused and sustained low end. Custom Caparison pickups help to define and intensify every note, enhancing the already extraordinary sonic qualities of this remarkable guitar.

The Hipshot Fixed Bridges have solid steel saddles with a crisp string relief edge, eliminating any dull tones, maximizing string vibration and will stay solid no matter how hard you thrash.

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Dellinger 7 FX-AM Dark Green Matte


Dellinger II FX-AM Dark Blue Matte


Horus FX-AM Dark Black Matte


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