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  • The 2019 NAMM Show News & Product Reviews - Live Event Coverage

    Posted on by Jordan Usatch

    NAMM 2019 Coverage - The Music Zoo

    The 2019 NAMM Show

    The Music Zoo will be live from the floor of the 2019 NAMM Show bringing you all of the latest news, artist interviews, product releases and event coverage! Get an all-access pass to the newest gear from Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Martin, PRS and many more. Plus, we'll have interviews from guitar builders and coverage of invite-only events.

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  • B&G Caletta Acoustic Guitars Announced!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    B&G Caletta Acoustic NAMM 2019 - The Music Zoo

    B&G Guitars Debuts New Caletta Acoustics, Handcrafted, Offering Various Tonewood Options!

    B&G has announced the release of their new Caletta acoustic guitars, set to display at NAMM 2019! When designing the Caletta, B&G's aim was to create a guitar with the great tone of a quality vintage instrument, achieving unsurpassed playability and striking a perfect balance between lightweight construction and structural integrity. Starting with our choice of woods, our soundboards are made of either old growth Sitka Spruce or Genuine Mahogany, which have been air dried for over twenty years.

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  • Martin Special and Limited Edition Guitars Revealed!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Martin Specials and Limited Edition Models NAMM 2019 - The Music Zoo

    Martin Releases 11 Special and Limited Edition Models, Including Tributes to Tattoo Artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, Anniversary Guitars, and More!

    C. F. Martin & Co. will introduce brand-new Special and Limited Edition models at Winter NAMM 2019, which include tributes to tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, a homage to the very first Size 1 model, and many more! Scroll below to for more information and photos!

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  • Suhr Reactive Load IR Loadbox Announced!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Suhr Reactive Load IR NAMM 2019 - The Music Zoo

    Suhr Reactive Load IR adds impulse response technology to the original Reactive Load!

    The new Reactive Load I.R. builds upon the legacy of what is already widely regarded as the industry standard for accurate speaker cabinet load replacement: the original Suhr Reactive Load. Reactive Load I.R. incorporates exciting new features to the groundbreaking design of the original Reactive Load – making it the ultimate all-in-one solution for speaker cabinet replacement

    As the name suggests, Reactive Load I.R. adds impulse response technology to the original Reactive Load, allowing you to quickly and easily access an array of an expertly mic’d speaker cabinets. It comes preloaded with 16 Suhr speaker cabinet impulse responses captured by Celestion. Reactive Load I.R. is an open system, so you can load 3rd party impulse responses via the USB port.

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  • PRS SE Signature Schizoid, Paul's Guitar, & Santana Singlecut Trem Released!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    PRS SE Signature Models NAMM 2019 - The Music Zoo

    PRS SE Signature Guitars Released, include Jakko Jakszyk, Paul Reed Smith, & Santana models!

    PRS are keeping things fresh for the new year, unveiling three new SE signature guitars just in time for NAMM 2019. Guitarists Jakko Jakszyk (King Crimson), Paul Reed Smith, & Santana each have a unique model coming, learn more about them below!

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  • D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner Updates Announced!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    D'Addario Micro Tuner NAMM 2019 - The Music Zoo

    D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner features updated button hierarchy and improved piezo control!

    The feature-packed tuner your audience will never see. This highly accurate tuner features a full-color display with four selectable viewing angles (2 vertical, 2 horizontal) in a housing that blends with the aesthetics of any instrument. The advanced tuning algorithms allow you to tune in noisy environments, while the ratchet clamp securely attaches to the instrument to hang tight during live performance. It’s so small, convenient and accurate, you’ll want one for every instrument you own.

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