Duesenberg Car Shoot (1 of 1)

Nowadays at The Zoo, when we see a head-turning vehicle roll through our parking lot, we instantly think of two things: what new toy did the Black Beast Garage guys get this time? …and what guitar would look cool next to it? Well, this time it was an vintage semi-restored ford farm truck with enough rust to make any body shop close down. But believe us when we tell you this thing runs. At first glance, our sales manager Mark thought of the cool idea to pair it for a photoshoot with the “Rusty Patina” Duesenberg Starplayer we had on display. Needless to say, it was like a match made in heaven!

The Starplayer TV “Rusty Patina” takes the TV’s essential elements and covers it with a corroding metal lacquer that, according to Duesenberg, “Is continually oxidizing and changing.”Because of a thin matt finish, no rust will rub off on you. Meanwhile, the guitar’s metal parts, including the pickup covers, are chemically aged. In all other respects, it is a Starplayer TV: Hollowbody design using laminated spruce and maple, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and a P-90 type bridge pickup and PAF-type humbucker at the bridge.

Scroll below to see our exclusive photoset from the day it strolled through the TMZ lot!

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Duesenberg Car Shoot (2 of 2)

Duesenberg Car Shoot (1 of 7)

Duesenberg Car Shoot (4 of 7)

Yes, the rust and weathered wood continues on the interior.

Duesenberg Car Shoot (3 of 7)

Duesenberg Car Shoot (1 of 2)

Duesenberg Car Shoot (2 of 7)


Photos by Walter Bryant


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