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  • NAMM 2018: Duesenberg Limited Edition 2018 Stardust Series Electric Guitars!

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    Duesenberg Stardust Series
    Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: New for 2018 - Duesenberg has revealed their new Stardust Series electric guitars! Available at The Music Zoo soon - Four of their best-sellers, including the Starplayer TV, Fullerton TV, Paloma, and Caribou will be offered with a new sparkle finish that is truly "out of this world"!

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  • Cars & Guitars: Vintage Ford Farm Truck & The Duesenberg “Rusty Patina” Starplayer

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Duesenberg Car Shoot (1 of 1)

    Nowadays at The Zoo, when we see a head-turning vehicle roll through our parking lot, we instantly think of two things: what new toy did the Black Beast Garage guys get this time? …and what guitar would look cool next to it?Well, this time it was an vintage semi-restored ford farm truck with enough rust to make any body shop close down. But believe us when we tell you this thing runs. At first...

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  • NAMM 2016: Duesenberg Guitars

    Posted on by Pete Gerontakos

    NAMM2016 Here’s a look at what Duesenberg had to offer at this year’s NAMM show!








    See something you’re into? Contact our sales staff at or call 516-626-9292!

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  • Duesenberg Guitars Lineup For 2015

    Posted on by Walter Bryant


    Duesenberg is bringing us an All-Star lineup this year, with the introduction of a new series as well as some updates to some of their originals. We’re definitely excited about the new Duesenberg releases, including the new Alliance (Joe Walsh) Series. Duesenbergs goal with this model was to achieve Joe Walsh’s thirst for a great tone as well as create a guitar that would appealed to a wide range...

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  • Duesenberg Article: Guide To Nickel Hardware

    Posted on by Walter Bryant


    As guitar players, we have become aware of how much nickel can become a tedious material to work with as time passes. The progressive dulling of nickel over time begins to eat away at our desire to look at our guitars (unless of course that’s the look your going for). Furthermore, being a Duesenberg dealer certifies our awareness of the everlasting nickel fading. If you’ve become victim to this...

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  • The Johnny Depp Duesenberg Guitar Is Ridiculously Cool

    Posted on by ZooKeeper

    johnny depp duesenberg

    Wait. Hold on. There exists in this world a Johnny Depp signature guitar? You bet your sweet pirate’s booty there is, and it looks freaking awesome. The folks over at Duesenberg have been making some of our favorite unique, creative, sometimes off-center guitars for years now (and players like Mike Campbell and Peter Stroud agree). So what’s up with a Johnny Depp guitar? It so happens that Johnny...

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