Here is one pedal that just gets it right. The Prunes & Custard by Crowther Audio is a harmonic generator-intermodulator, which in lamen terms means it combines distortion with odd-order harmonic overtones. The Prunes & Custard is a two-stage circuit. There is a preamp stage, 
the gain of which is adjusted with the Drive control.
This stage is followed by a special waveshaping distortion circuit. There is some treble roll-off between the preamp and the special distortion circuit.

The frequency at which this treble roll-off happens can be changed with the Guitar/Bass switch. The special distortion stage produces strong harmonic overtones, mostly odd harmonic. Higher harmonics are progressively introduced with increased Drive settings and signal level, so a decaying bass guitar note can sound like a mean swept filter.

Playing double notes, like 4ths or 5ths can produce some strong intermodulation effects, rather like a ring modulator, but more musical, albeit more distorted! The Mix control is a balance between the preamp stage output, and the special distortion stage output.

The Prunes & Custard is available now on our site! Click here!


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