Daddario string tension pro

Are you a player who is looking to change your tuning, but love the feel and performance of your current string gauge? Or maybe you have a mess of alternative tunings on your guitars, but want to maintain the same string feel across them all. Well suffer no more, because D’Addario has developed a cool new online interface that calculates the best string gauge combination for you, saving players the time and trouble of trial and error testing.

This application’s ultimate intent is to educate players about string tension, but also features a number of elements to help musicians achieve a sound and feel perfect for their own unique playing, including the following:

  • Create custom sets based upon an existing D’Addario set.
  • Perform tension calculations in real-time so you no longer need to do the math.
  • Alter tuning, scale length, and string properties of an existing D’Addario set.
  • Compare your customization to other D’Addario sets.
  • Build your own custom set from the bottom up with access to every string D’Addario manufactures.
  • Access our Instrument Standards Library for information about tuning, scale lengths and string arrangements of over 275 instruments.

Click here to use the online D’Addario String Tension application now!

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