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  • D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner Updates Announced!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    D'Addario Micro Tuner NAMM 2019 - The Music Zoo

    D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner features updated button hierarchy and improved piezo control!

    The feature-packed tuner your audience will never see. This highly accurate tuner features a full-color display with four selectable viewing angles (2 vertical, 2 horizontal) in a housing that blends with the aesthetics of any instrument. The advanced tuning algorithms allow you to tune in noisy environments, while the ratchet clamp securely attaches to the instrument to hang tight during live performance. It’s so small, convenient and accurate, you’ll want one for every instrument you own.

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  • D'Addario Introduces New NYXL Strings Made for Strandberg Guitars!

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    D'Addario NYXL Strandberg

    One of the highlights of D'Addario's new product family for 2018 are the new NYXL string sets built to play perfectly with Strandberg guitars! The Music Zoo loves Strandbergs and D'Addario strings - so this is a welcome partnership.

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  • D’Addario Introduces String Tension Pro Web Application

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Daddario string tension pro

    Are you a player who is looking to change your tuning, but love the feel and performance of your current string gauge? Or maybe you have a mess of alternative tunings on your guitars, but want to maintain the same string feel across them all. Well suffer no more, because D’Addario has developed a cool new online interface that calculates the best string gauge combination for you, saving players...

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  • The New D’Addario Factory Tour

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    D'Addario Tour (69 of 69)

    Every few years The Music Zoo likes to pay a visit to our friends at D’Addario, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instrument strings and also purveyors of more musical instrument and guitar accessories than you can likely think of. Drumsticks? ProMark! Drum heads? Evans! Saxophone and clarinet reeds? Rico! Yes, D’Addario offers plenty of products for all kinds of musicians, but we...

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  • Tosin Abasi: D’Addario Guitar Power Video

    Posted on by Tim Reynolds

    Here is a really great video recently published by D’Addario, in conjunction with Rolling Stone, launching a new series entitled Guitar Power which will showcase the Young Guns of modern rock guitar playing. Episode 1 above features our friend Tosin Abasi. Along with host Matt Sweeney, they cover gear, approach and technique, plus manage to do a little playing along the way. Be sure to check out...

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  • Factory Tour: D’Addario Strings

    Posted on by ZooKeeper

    In the late 1600s, the tiny, rural Italian village of Salle was known for having two traditional occupations: farming, and string-making. The rich countryside was ideal for growing delicious fruits and vegetables, and also for raising pigs. The type of musical instrument strings made in those days are known as “gut” strings, and were made from the intestines of the pig, a laborious and messy...

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