Practicing unplugged electric can be boring and not always practical due to low sound feedback. Electric guitar is designed to be played with some kind of electronic amplification. The DelSonix passive amplifier provides a convenient option of practicing unplugged electric guitar. It converts and amplifies guitar headstock vibrations into acoustic sound waves. It basically converts any electric guitar into a low volume acoustic guitar.

DelSonix amplifier design is the result of two years of research. It is designed to deliver maximum performance from a unit with a practical, fold-able size for storage and transportation. It consists of a spring clamp, an upright pick-up, and a thin, conical plastic resonator. The upright pick-up is made of selected, clear wood, hollow on the inside and has a specifically designed resonating gap at the bottom. The pick-up is firmly clamped to the guitar headstock with a spring clamp.

DelSonix resonator is attached to the top part of the upright pick-up. It consists of a thin Polyester film cut out into a square shape. When folded and attached to the upright pick-up, the resonator assumes a conical shape with a Delta shaped base. Headstock vibrations are transferred via pick-up to the resonator, which vibrates and generates sound waves like a speaker. The specifically designed pick-up with two stage hollow structure and bottom resonating gap significantly contributes to the device’s loudness.

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