The fellas over at Devil & Sons are taking relicing to a place we frankly had no idea anyone was even thinking about. Their “End Of The Road” series is a collection of guitars they’ve relic’d to the point of deformity, but it definitely gets the job done of turning a few heads. Oh yea, and it plays too. They feature your basic Strat specs; 9.5″ Radius, 21 Frets, 2 tone controls and a volume. However, it’s safe to assume the focus of these guitars are their aesthetic, needless to say considering the middle pickup is nowhere near the strings, let alone wired up. But ironically, what surprises us the most about these guitars is the price, going for only £750 or 1063.31 USD. Have a look at the process of building this guitar in the video below, along with a few photos!

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