The latest offering from our friends at Earthquaker Devices is the new Aqueduct Vibrato effects pedal! This is a true pitch-shifting vibrato pedal that boasts an impressive 8 different modulation modes, the new Flexi-Switch footswitch, and an appropriate all-analog dry signal path and all-digital wet signal path.

The Aqueduct offers vibrato modes for any musical situation, from a subtle warble to huge and complex soundscapes. Check out the video to see what it can do!

This pedal is available now at The Music Zoo. Shop all of our Earthquaker Devices effects here, click the shop online button to view the Aqueduct, or keep reading for more about the Aqueduct's modulation modes.

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Earthquaker Devices Aqueduct

Modulation modes:

Sine: The smoothest and most subtle of all waveforms, sine waves are most commonly associated with classic amp-like vibrato.

Triangle: Triangle waves have a sharper rise and fall than sine waves with a more pronounced pitch bend at the peak of each LFO cycle.

Ramp: Like a triangle wave with a twist. The Ramp waveform has a sharp sonar pulse followed by a rapid downward slope with a synthesizer-like sustain and release.

Square: Square waves are the most rigid and abrupt of the waveforms. Rather than gliding smoothly between pitches, square waves produce an instant on-or-off transition between notes.

Random: introduces a “warped record” effect at low settings and rolls the dice on an unpredictable assortment of greasy pitch-bends as the Depth is increased.

Env D: Envelope-Controlled Depth mode. The waveshape is set to a sine wave, the speed of which may be adjusted using the Rate control. The Depth control sets the sensitivity of the envelope - the point at which the effect kicks in as you play. In this mode, your pick attack sets the intensity of the modulation. The harder you dig in, the more pronounced the effect.

Env R: This is Envelope-Controlled Rate mode. In this mode, the input level (i.e. pick attack) controls the LFO rate. Play harder for faster modulation or lay low for slower modulation speeds. The Rate control adjusts the sensitivity of the envelope. Depth selects the LFO intensity.

Env P: This is Envelope-Controlled Pitch mode, which we’ve lovingly nicknamed “The My Bloody Valentine setting.” If your instrument doesn’t have a tremolo bar, it does now. In this mode, the frequency modulation is controlled by the dynamics of your pick attack and not the LFO.



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