The Music Zoo was recently graced with the presence of Jeff Schroeder and Jack Bates, guitarist and bassist of the Smashing Pumpkins! Both of these accomplished players have been repping Yamaha for years, so who better to explain "Why Yamaha?"
Check out the video to hear Jeff and Jack talk about their history with Yamaha; from Jeff's professional relationship with the company to how Yamaha is embedded in Jack Bates’ family history, what drew them to the instruments both electric and acoustic, and the quality and features that kept them loyal to the brand.

Appearing in the video of course, are several Yamaha guitars on which Jack and Jeff play some of our favorite Pumpkins riffs…snare roll intro to Cherub Rock not included*. You'll spy a couple Revstars - the RSP20CR and the RS720B, a Dark Coffee Burst BB734A bass, and a classic Pacifica. Jeff is also plugged into a THR100H Dual head, one of the best analog, tube-modeling solid state guitar amps on the market!

Enjoy the video, and then shop our entire stock of Yamaha products on our website today!

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