Earthquaker Westwood

Happy New Year from Earthquaker! Here are a few late Christmas presents to the guitar nerds out there - first - a new low/mid gain transparent overdrive pedal called the Westwood - and of course, new upgraded versions of the Avalanche Run, Depths, Hoof Reaper, Rainbow Machine, and Spatial Delivery.

The new Westwood overdrive pedal is equally powerful for guitar and for bass! It's designed to be touch sensitive and dynamic, as well as acting as a light clean boost or a serious amp-driver! The simple bass and treble EQ section is designed to affect the pleasing high and low end frequencies, and offer powerful tone tweaking options for guitar, bass, and even different pickup types. Check out the guitar and bass demo video below! Click here to buy it on our site!


Also just announced are several upgraded versions of classic Earthquaker devices! Grab them on our site here!

  • The flagship Avalanche Run gets a new custom-built enclosure and updated stereo reverb imaging with a new DSP algorithm.
  • The Rainbow Machine, a funky pitch shifting modulation device, gets a circuit update for a lower noise floor, higher output, and a recalibrated "Magic" control so you can more easily control oscillations and get a wider variety of sounds. The switches have also been updated to the new completely silent "flexi switch", which also provides the option to use the pedal as a momentary effect.
  • The much-loved Depths, Spatial Delivery, and Hoof Reaper will also have new flexi switches.

Need to get your hands on one of these? Contact our sales team today!

Or check out all of our Earthquaker Devices in stock here! Previous versions will be discounted!

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Earthquaker Avalanche Run V2

Earthquaker Rainbow Machine

Earthquaker The Depths

Earthquaker Spatial Delivery

Earthquaker Hoof Reaper


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