Fender Jimmy Page

Fender has just announced a collaboration with one of the most legendary guitarists of all time - the one and only Jimmy Page. The project - dubbed the Limited Edition Jimmy Page Telecaster Set is a recreation of the 1959 Telecaster which Page played throughout the Yardbirds into Led Zeppelin in its various forms of appearance. The guitar was originally gifted from Jeff Beck to Page in thanks for getting Beck the Yardbirds gig. The guitar has gone through various forms over the years from the original finish, to being decorated with mirrors all the way up to the painted dragon finish which was seen on stage during Zeppelins first tours and recorded on Led Zeppelin I.

Fender has taken on the recreation of the guitar by doing both the mirrored appearance as well as the dragon artwork in both Custom Shop and production line guitars. The Custom Shop guitars will by Masterbuilt by Paul Waller, and 50 of each will be signed by Page on the back of the headstock, with hand-painted dragon artwork. While the production guitars won't be signed or hand-painted, Page was sure to be on board with every single spec and nuance.

You can be sure that The Music Zoo will have every version of the Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster available for sale. We are so excited for this run of guitars! Send us an email to keep in the loop for when we know more about the collection!

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