Gibson 50th Anniversary 68 Les Paul Goldtop
Gibson has announced a new and very limited edition run: the 50th Anniversary 1968 Les Paul Goldtop. Technically, the guitar is a reissue of essentially one of Gibsons first reissues - wrap your head around that! In 1968, Gibson decided to bring back two models that were discontinued a decade earlier, the Les Paul Custom and the Les Paul Goldtop, due to increasing demand from guitarists of the late '60s hunting down older '50s models for their quality and tone. 

This 50th Anniversary guitar is a meticulously crafted recreation of a 'first batch' example from 1968, from the crown inlay on the headstock (instead of the usual Les Paul signature silkscreen) to the medium-chunky "C" shaped neck, hide glue fit, and throwback hang-tags. The guitar has double band Deluxe tuners and nylon saddles, along with period-correct silver reflector knobs. Only 68 of these guitars will be produced for the run!
We have this 50th Anniversary '68 Goldtop on order, so contact us to make one yours!

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Gibson 50th Anniversary Goldtop 1968 Les Paul
Gibson 50th Anniversary Goldtop 1968 Les Paul

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