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The Mike Campbell Limited Edition “Heartbreaker” honors the revered vintage Fender that crafted a multitude of ear-pleasing hooks for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and other legendary artists including Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and George Harrison. The epitome of a workhorse guitar, the Heartbreaker faithfully reproduces the beloved instrument that powers Campbell’s economically tasteful guitar playing.

The original Heartbreaker was examined, reverse-engineered and documented in exhaustive detail by Master Builder Dale Wilson to create this phenomenal reproduction. The body’s thin natural lacquer finish allows the instrument’s natural voice to shine through unhindered while a pair of hand wound Custom Shop pickups customized for Campbell generates the rich, warm authentic Fender tone you’ve heard on the many hits he’s cranked out with his Heartbreaker. The back of the flame maple neck is finish-free for an unparalleled smooth playing feel, reflecting the hours Campbell has spent caressing the neck while performing with The Heartbreakers.

Meticulously reproduced by the team of Dream Makers at the Custom Shop, led by Master Builder Dale Wilson, this guitar is nearly indistinguishable from the original; the sound, feel and the patina of 40 years of loving use is all there for you to experience. From the nail scratch on the front of the lower horn to the soldering iron burn near the output jack and the chipped nut, this guitar is visually and sonically comparable to Campbell’s trusty companion. As he said, “With a blindfold test I might not be able to tell the difference—that’s how close it is.” This historic collectible, is available in extremely limited quantities, so run down a dream while you can. Each instrument includes a small number of guitar picks used by Mike Campbell on the last Heartbreakers tour.

Have a look at the high-quality photos below, glorifying the superior relic’ing done by Fender Custom Shop’s Dale Wilson!

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