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We’ve been getting a load of guitars in lately, both pre-owned and new, so it was only a matter of time before another worthy candidate for our “Guitar Showcase” arrived. This time, we’re glorifying this rare Gibson Custom Shop Allen Collins Explorer. Gibson set to release a targeted 100 pieces of this guitar, but somehow never achieved that number, making this guitar even more rare than we thought! This particular model is #9 of the limited run has been marvelously relic’d by non-other than Tom Murphy. Furthermore, this is no ordinary Explorer. Notable appointments include a labelmaker message stuck on the back of the guitar, “Collins 09” imprinted on the back of the headstock, and a wealth of meticulously placed dings and wear-marks to replicate Collins’ original model. The guitar is made up of a Korina body and neck along with Rosewood fretboard, featuring a Maestro Vibrola, and two Classic ’57 humbuckers. We’re proud to have this one at The Zoo for the time being, and we’re sure the next owner will appreciate it as much as we do!

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