Fender Custom Shop Retrospective Video - Watch Now at The Music Zoo

Since humble beginnings in 1994, The Music Zoo has worked with the Fender Custom Shop to create original ideas and bring Rock Star-level guitars to our customers all over the USA!

We would like to present to you one of the most in-depth videos we've ever created: a retrospective on all of the amazing work we've created with the Fender Custom Shop. From what's inspired our exclusive guitars, to trends that we've seen happen from new specs being introduced to what the future holds: join us as Music Zoo owner Tommy Colletti along with Jordan Usatch, Garrett Hess and Tim Reynolds speak about the thousands of Fender Custom Shop guitars that have come through our doors since 1994.

Watch The Music Zoo's Fender Custom Shop Retrospective video now!

Whether you want one of our Exclusive runs or want to design your own Teambuilt or Masterbuilt guitar: buy a Fender Custom Shop at The Music Zoo!

When you shop Fender Custom Shop guitars at the Zoo - you're getting our collective knowledge of the best combinations of specs; tonewoods, measurements, pickups, finish options and even who the best Masterbuilder for the job is! If you want a one out of one instrument that's built to exactly what the idea in your head is, we're here to make that dream come true for you!

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