Looking for a Strat or Tele with a unique touch? Well, we’ve got a few that satisfy those looking for a vintage strat style and modern materials, but with the added quality of a roasted body and neck! This process eliminates excess moisture and sugars for rock-solid stability and extra punchy tones. An added bonus of the cooking process yields an even, dark -brown color wood, visually setting these guitars apart from your everyday Strat and Teles. The Stratocaster models are available with ’55, ’56, and ’60 appointments, in a heavy relic Three-Tone Sunburst, NOS Two-Tone Sunburst, or black finish. They are also equipped with hand-wound Strat pickups that deliver that extra punch you need, yet stay true to the Strat tone we all know and love.


The 60’s Tele features a relic’d Vintage Blonde finish, a vintage-style three-saddle bridge, and vintage-style controls. The dual Twisted Tele pickups are 10% underwound for an added sparkle, but will surely deliver gobs of pure Tele tone. Scroll below to get a closer look at these two guitars from Fender Custom Shop!


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