Every once in a while, our friends at Taylor Guitars will craft special runs of limited edition guitars, and we’re proud to announce that another batch is on it’s way to The Zoo. Comprised of the 322ce, 314ce, and K16, these select limited models offer customers premium guitars with unique aesthetic appeal, and may be inspired by any number of circumstances, from the acquisition of a rare batch of striking tonewoods to special occasions like a Taylor anniversary or our annual tradition of Fall Limiteds. With each offering of LTDs Taylor enjoys the freedom to design a model from scratch in a way that integrates the woods and appointments into a cohesive whole that gives each LTD series a truly unique identity. Scroll below to see what limited edition models you’ll find at The Zoo!


K16ce LTD


K16ce LTD-1

This 6-string Grand Symphony showcases the honey-brown hues and rich figure of AA-grade koa paired with a cedar top. Darker cedar was intentionally chosen to match koa’s color tones, and a shaded edgeburst artfully wraps the entire guitar in toasted warmth, including the mahogany neck.

Tonally, the two woods complement each other well, with cedar’s warm, midrange-centered overtones embellishing koa’s natural midrange focus. “Koa has the midrange emphasis of mahogany, but with a little more upper register sweetness and chime,” says Taylor’s Andy Powers. “When you bring together the cedar and koa, you get this thick and warm midrange, with a sweet undertone.”

The Grand Symphony body brings an expressive dynamic range to the playing experience with the wood pairing, responding well to a lighter touch, while also expanding the overall depth and tonal output.


314ce Cedar/Rosewood LTD


314ce Cedar-Rosewood-1

As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. A rosewood/cedar guitar rewards players who employ a lighter attack, from fingerstylists to light strummers, with a warm and richly musical voice. Compared to a spruce-top guitar, a cedar top reveals itself with a mature, played-in sound right away, and fans of rich overtones will enjoy playing this Grand Auditorium limited edition. Cedar’s midrange bloom provides a wonderful complement to rosewood’s scooped midrange and treble sparkle.

“Cedar lends a strong, woody overtone component to the mix,” says Taylor master builder Andy Powers. “Its complex overtone profile is more immediate than spruce. When combined with the bell-like upper overtone character of rosewood, together they impart a really thick flavor to each note, even when played lightly.”

The Grand Auditorium’s responsiveness to both fingerpicking and light to medium strumming makes it a great match for the tone profile of the woods. Players with a relaxed attack can expect an expressive and easily accessible voice. Clean appointments borrow from Taylor’s standard 300 Series (2015): black pickguard and binding, Italian acrylic dot inlays, 3-ring rosette, white top purfling, satin-finish back and sides with a gloss top, and Expression System®2 electronics.

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322ce 12-fret SEB



This handsome Grand Concert blends vintage looks with a wonderfully played-in sound, thanks to a shaded edgeburst top and Taylor’s distinctive 12-fret design, respectively. The 12-fret neck-to-body orientation features a shifted bridge location (closer to the center of the lower bout) that produces a more mature voice and a warm, punchy midrange, especially with the tonewood pairing of a mahogany top with sapele back and sides. Thanks to the shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length, players can expect a slinkier string feel. Together with the comfortably compact Grand Concert body, this promises to be a fun and inspiring fingerpicking machine that also offers ample headroom for strumming. Taylor’s Expression System® 2 electronics wire you for natural-sounding amplified tone.

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