We all know what it feels like to have a bad case of GAS.  It’s hot.  It’s uncomfortable.  It can be downright shameful.   Luckily, we’re not talking about the kind of gas you get after wolfing down three plates of Thanksgiving dinner, we’re talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  What exactly is GAS?  We’re glad we have Gary Blankenburg (one of The Music Zoo’s favorite people on earth) in this video series to help diagnose some of the most common cases.

This time on GAS With Gary, Gary tells us a classic story about seeing the Jimi Hendrix Experience in New York City in the mid Sixties.

We just let the cameras roll and are proud to have this video series, which we are calling GAS With Gary.  We learn something new every day just being around him.   Stay tuned to this blog, and our YouTube channel for more.

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