Earthquaker Devices is kicking off the new year in style, and in turn is offering some fashion advice to help you accessorize - in the form of free swag! Now until the end of March, select Earthquaker Devices pedal purchases will net you either a free pin, a free patch, or a free poster! And of course, The Music Zoo is an authorized Earthquaker Devices dealer and is a great place to get these pedals!

There are 3 different promotions:

Buy an Erupter and get a cool Erupter enamel pin

It's easy! All you have to do is buy an Erupter and head to this link, enter the info, and it's yours! Great for filling that empty space on your guitar strap, your jean jacket or messenger bag, or just as some eye candy on your desk or shelf.

Buy a Space Spiral and get a Space Spiral patch

This cool Space Spiral patch is even more appropriate for your jean jacket! Just grab yourself a Space Spiral head to this link, enter the info, and it's yours! You can even use it to patch a hole in those jeans if you really want, we won't judge.

Buy a Disaster Transport SR, Interstellar Orbiter, or Organizer and get a free OctoSkull Blacklight poster!

This blacklight OctoSkull poster is too cool! Need to redecorate? Just purchase one of the above pedals, go to this link, and you'll be adding some character to your jam room or bedroom in no time!

If you're ready to take advantage of this offer now, head to our website and check out our Earthquaker section! Or contact our sales team today!

Contact us at 516-626-9292 //

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