BC Rich At The Music Zoo

Few love a vintage B.C. Rich guitar as much as the staff of The Music Zoo collectively does. We always strive to carry a selection of vintage instruments built by the company throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico in California, who used all of his experience growing up in his fathers guitar shop along with his passion for motorcycles to create something new in the electric guitar world that had never been seen before!

The first B.C. Rich original shape dubbed the Seagull debuted in 1972, a single-cutaway guitar with two humbuckers and already featuring two signature points of a B.C. Rich guitar; neck-through construction and pointed body ends!

Success started to really pick up in the late 1970s, with the introduction of Bernies wildest designs; the Mockingbird, the Bich, and the Eagle. One of the very first Biches went to Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and other models received attention for the wild finishes, unique string configurations (10-Strings models), and fully active electronics with DiMarzio humbucker pickups – very boutique at the time! The 1980’s got even crazier with the Warlock, Ironbird, Wave Bass, and Stealth Bomber introduced, and at a great time for the wild looks of Hair Metal guitarists and bassist to pick up B.C. Rich guitars; Slash of Guns n’ Roses, Lita Ford, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, Tommy Iommi, Neil Giraldo of Pat Benatars band, Jeff Hannemann and Kerry King of Slayer – and so many more have used B.C. Rich guitars in their careers!

The Music Zoo often has a rotation of vintage B.C. Rich guitars in stock! Contact our expert sales team with questions on anything you might be on the hunt for and we’ll find you the guitar of your dreams.