After all, it’s not like there’s some great cable shortage. But Gibson is introducing a line of Gibson Pure cables, and in typical Gibson fashion, these cables feature innovative technology that takes them way out of the “me-too” category.

Silent plugging/unplugging from your instrument. There are other “silent” cables, but Gibson’s design is simple and reliable. Instead of using magnets and relays to produce a silent plug, a spring-loaded ring shorts the hot conductor to ground when unplugged. Plugging in or unplugging gives zero noise, and when unplugged, minimizes amp noise too.

Virtually no handling noise—even with super-high-gain amps. For me, this is the breakthrough feature because I like high-gain amps and effects, and moving the cable around always created noise. Tested against other cables, Gibson Pure Cables offer significantly lower handling noise levels—up to 30 dB lower—across the frequency spectrum. Mostly this improvement comes from a new type of insulation design within the cable, but the copper braid shield helps too.

This graph shows handling noise tests with the Gibson Pure cable (purple line) compared to three competitive cables (Click
here to view the graph at full resolution).

No static crackles . The cable has a semi-conductive PVC shield, so you don’t hear clicks or pops from handling the cable in low-humidity environments.

Optimized tone. Some “designer” cables dull the highs because the cable’s internal capacitance acts like a secondary tone control. Gibson Pure cables have capacitance designed specifically to retain the tone of passive guitar pickups.

Lifetime warranty. I haven’t had to take advantage of it, but given how much cables have to endure I’m pretty impressed Gibson offers a lifetime warranty.

After evaluating these cables for the past several months, they definitely outperform cables I’ve used in the past. The lack of handling noise is a huge plus when playing on stage, but it’s also welcome when recording using high-gain effects boxes like distortion, or feeding amp sims in a computer. Recording always puts noise “under the microscope,” so the dramatic noise decrease is great for the studio.

So yes, the world does need another guitar cable—if it’s this one.

You can find this cable and others from Gibson on our site by clicking here!


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