The latest from Gibson Custom Shop’s Collector’s Choice program is #18, the “Dutchburst”.  This guitar’s history is as intriguing as it gets.  Spending its life in Holland, this late 1960 Les Paul was a one-owner guitar up until 2012 when it passed to its 2nd and current owner.  The guitar has spent many years being played and shows plenty wear of from all that time on stage.  It has a perfect, beautiful top, an honest slim-taper neck, and of course a ‘burst that has its own unique character.  This guitar survived a house fire by being left overnight in an unlocked car.  It also sailed the world as a member of a cruise ship jazz trio, the only guitar original owner Jan used throughout his entire career.  Dutchburst’s tone is reportedly as splendid as the look and story are combined.  Gibson Custom will build up to 300, with the availability of qualifying materials determining the final number.  The Music Zoo will have access to a limited number of these, so please contact our sales team for information on securing your own Dutchburst.

CC #18 front

CC #18 back


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