Our friends at the Gibson Custom Shop just called to announce a very new, very special variation on an old theme, and thus we’re proud to make available the L-5 CT Double Cutaway.  Gibson has certainly built and marketed hollow-body guitars with double cutaways, such as the Trini Lopez Deluxe and the Barney Kessell models, but this guitar is a first. Not only does it have dual, smooth rounded cutaways, but inside lies the x-factor, an old-school soundpost, that made the staff here at The Music Zoo run around the store like crazed kids on a Saturday morning. Being an L-5 CT, it is also similar to the guitar Gibson manufactured in the late 1950s with a thinner 2 ½” body depth. Additionally, the pickups have been changed to CustomBuckers and the toggle switch has been moved to the instrument’s upper bout (like the Les Paul and ES-175 models). Available finishes are Slow Iced Tea Fade (pictured) and Vintage Sunburst. Stop drooling and order yours today!

Check out these factory-floor photos:

L5 CT Double Cutaway Front


L5 CT Double Cutaway Back

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