Back in January we told you about a very special guitar headed to The Music Zoo.  Well, we just found out it is nearing completion and we were sent some sexy photos of it in process! Behold the Pagelli Massari from Claudio Pagelli.  Claudio is a master luthier building some of the finest instruments the world knows today.  Sleek and elegant lines, thoroughly modern and completely hand-made:

Pagelli Massari

We cannot wait to see it with some finish applied!  Here is a nice shot of the backside for good measure:

Pagelli Massari Back

And finally, if you’re going to spend your day carving away, you’ll need lots of inspiration (if your day was bad, we’re about to make it worse).  Here is the view from Claudio’s workbench:

Pagelli Massari View

This special piece is estimated to arrive in Mid-2014.  If you have questions or are interested in purchasing, please contact our sales department.


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