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Here we have another unique addition to the growing list from Gibson’s “Collectors Choice” series. It’s another Les Paul that definitely holds a place in rock history. For those who don’t know, the Collector’s Choice series comes straight from the Gibson Custom Shop, where Gibson takes a great vintage guitar—whether it be celebrity owned or a rare, all-original piece—and through the marvels of modern technology, create a limited run of a near-exact recreation of that instrument.

Tom Sholtz, a household name in rock-n-roll, and the mastermind behind the group “Boston”, is the inspiration for Gibson’s Collector’s Choice #10. His original guitar is represented in a stripped-down and hotrodded ’68 Goldtop just as it was used by Scholz on countless albums and performances with his legendary band. As the first replica of an original vintage guitar outside of the ’59-’60 burst, Gibson Custom couldn’t have asked for a more compelling model. Gibson Custom, along with Tom Scholtz, scrutinized Sholtz’s original model down to every single line, curve, output level, mark or scratch. The outcome is an astonishing run limited to 300 guitars. As an accomplished sound engineer, MIT graduate, inventor, and holder of dozens of electronic patents, Scholz—not surprisingly—modified the original guitar extensively. Prior to the recording of the first Boston album he stripped the gold finish down to the natural maple, and added a DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucking pickup in the bridge position, while retaining the guitar’s original P-90 in the neck position. He also replaced the original Klusons™ with the Schaller™ M6 tuners that were popular at the time. All in all, this is one special guitar, with a ton of history behind it. If interested in purchasing this guitar, feel free to contact our sales staff. More info and specs straight from Gibson are available below! While your here, be sure to check out all of the Collector’s Choice models we have in stock on our site!

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Gibson Collectors Choice Tom Sholz

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