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Joe Walsh is a name that will forever reverberate in the Rock n Roll world. With a career filled with musical feats and commercial success, Joe Walsh has created a name for himself among the pioneers of rock guitar. Along his enamored journey, one thing has remained the same; his relationship with Gibson. Since his days with the James Gang, Walsh has kept a Gibson in tow. However, there is one guitar in particular that has been considered special enough for Gibson to replicate; his 1960 Les Paul. This rare and original piece features a Tangerine burst, two custom-wound Custombuckers among other appointments that have been accurately and precisely replicated in a limited run series of guitars. The story behind this legendary guitar, as well as more info, pictures, and specs from Gibson, can be seen below! This guitar is set to release in limited quantities, so if your’re interested in owning one of them, or have any questions, feel free to contact our sales staff!

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Gibson Joe Walsh Les Paul

Gibson Collectors Choice Believer Burst Specs

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