UPDATE: Pricing announced!  MAP price on the Aged Marc Bolan Les Paul will be $7,999.99 and the VOS will be $4,999.99.

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British rock and roll legend Marc Bolan is being remembered in a series of tribute Les Pauls from Gibson Custom Shop.  Bolan was instrumental in the glam rock movement of the ’70s and rose to fame with his band T Rex, but was tragically killed in a car crash just before his 30th birthday.  Also sad was what happened after his death; “fans” raided his home, stealing anything of value including his vintage Les Paul.  Edit: his Les Paul had already been stolen at this point. This Les Paul had lived a hard life, believed to have had 3 different necks, and refinished as well.  The guitar has since disappeared forever, and only rumors and photos exist to suggest what it actually was, although it is widely believed to be a ’50s Les Paul Standard body with a ’70s Custom neck.

The Gibson tribute version was shown at NAMM 2011, in both VOS and Aged (pictured) trim.  The 2-piece maple top is center seamed, and is kind of an “unburst” Gibson is calling Bolan Chablis.  The Custom Bucker pickups have no covers, and sure enough that’s a ’70s neck, complete with volute.  It’s a cool Frankenstein Les Paul that looks great in person, we can’t wait to see the production versions.

[See image gallery at blog.themusiczoo.com]

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